2012 Golden Pen Winners

2012 Golden Pen Winners

Paranormal Romance

  1. Blood Surfer by Debra Rodensky (full requested)
  2. Guardian by Tara Sheets (full requested)
  3. Steam Me Up, Rawley by Angela Quarles

Contemporary Single Title Romance

  1. Place Your Betts by Katie Graykowski (full requested)
  2. A Different Beat by Susan Breeden
  3. Jagged Road by Elizabeth Kelley

Series Romance

  1. The Billionaire’s Perfect Bride by Bernice Greenham w/a Lexi Greene (full requested)
  2. In the Arms of a Stranger by Virginia Kelly (full requested)
  3. Dating Ms. Wright by Kelley Bowen w/a Maggie Kelley

Historical Romance

  1. Embracing an Unloved Earl by Eileen Emerson (full requested)
  2. The French Way by Carole St. Laurent
  3. Heart’s Conviction by Lea Taddonio w/a Lila Gillard

Romantic Suspense

  1. Scandal by Jessica Darago
  2. Sweet Taste of Love by Heidi Senesac w/a Gemma Brocato
  3. A Dark Flowering by Natalie Lloyd-Evans w/a Natalie Meg Evans

Young Adult Romance

  1. Red Tide by Paula Leonard Huffman
  2. Flying Objects, Falling in Love, and Other Catastrophes by Caryn Caldwell
  3. Miranda Perry’s Imported Prom Date by Sheri Adkins

Inspirational Romance

  1. Love Thy Neighbor by Karen Fleming w/a KD Fleming
  2. Rescuing Faith by Carol James
  3. A Heavenly Inconvenience by Betty Woods

Novel with Strong Romantic Elements

  1. Seven Silver Hearts (formerly titled The Right Thing) by Vicky Gresham
  2. The Fool’s Journey by Mary Chase Comstock
  3. Island of Roses by Jean Willett

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