Workshop Coordinator(s) and Presenters Needed

TGN’s board is interested in establishing an online workshop pilot program aimed toward addressing the advanced level career needs of our members. From marketing tips to business planning to the ins and outs of using a series bible, our intent is to increase the value of membership to this chapter by providing courses that go beyond 101. While we anticipate that these workshops will be free, especially during the pilot stage, there may be occasions in the future when we will need to charge a nominal fee to cover costs. Rest assured these workshops will be offered FOR MEMBERS ONLY and are not intended to be a new revenue stream for the chapter.

What we need: a volunteer workshop coordinator (or two or a team!) to help us finish “visioning” this endeavor and then oversee the rollout and presenters who can give online workshops covering advanced topics for our membership.  Possible topics include:

  • Marketing
  • Social media usage
  • Business planning
  • Industry news
  • Spotlights on editors/agents
  • Training on helpful widgets (like Scrivener)
  • Copyright law info
  • “Non-advice” for taxes
  • Craft that goes beyond the basics – editing for theme, intense story structure, writing with a series bible
  • Live webinars

If you’re interested in helping lead this effort, or in offering a workshop, please fill out the form below.

please add your workshop fee, speaking fee, number of days you will need and a complete description of your workshop.

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